Text: Applicant should have some movie or theatre dance experience prior to admission.

Question 1: Students who apply for the course are eligible even without any previous dancing records. (FALSE)

Text: Students will dance in front of classmates at the end of the semester.

Question 2: The term finishes with an internal performance for fellow students. (TRUE)

Text: Another dancing performance will be held in front of invited audiences including professional dancers.

Question 3: Family members can attend the dancing performance during the second term. (NOT GIVEN)

Text: An opportunity to dance a short film recorded will be given in the help of professional film-making body.

Question 4: Students are required to make their own dancing movie during the third term. (FALSE)

Text: In your first interview, you will need to prepare two ballet performances, lasting around 10 minutes.

Question 5: In their initial audition, candidates perform ballets worked in advance. (TRUE)

Text:For overseas applicants, you can submit your first interview via Skype, WeChat or our website link. After you have passed the first audition, you will be required to attend further auditions at CUHK Dance Academy.

Question 6: Overseas candidates can do all their interviews via a digital online link.


Text:The CUHK Dance Academy will provide overseas candidates a free shuttle bus service from Central CUHK to audition location.

Question 7: The CUHK will send overseas candidates details of nearby accommodation.