Text A: The outer fabric nylon of the rucksack will provide extra water-resistant protection.

Q1: What is the word ‘not get wet’ referring to in text A?

Ans: water resistant

Text B: you then had better plan a shopping trip for profuseness to go with it

Q2: In text B, what is the word that is similar in meaning to ‘expensive items’ ?

Ans: profuseness

Text C: Bags with a range of colours that should go with anything you put on. Don’t you want a tough leather belt to go with it? It is a rucksack that matches most clothing.

Q3: In text C, what does ‘anything’  refer to?

Ans: clothing

Text D: If you want one in between a suitcase and a casual bag…

Q4: Which phrase in text D can best describe the ‘medium size’ of the rucksack?

Ans: between a suitcase and a casual bag

Text E: Tongue and Stone is today’s most popular rucksacks- cool, stylish are just available for sales!

Q5: Which synonyms in text E can be used to refer ‘latest’ ?

Ans: popular, cool, stylish

Text F: Travel with this elegant bag that arouses memory of the steam trains’ days.

Q6: In text F, which phrase is ‘historical age of travel’ referring to?

Ans: memory of the steam trains’ days