Text: Customs is to make sure putting information about your shipment and proof of annual inspection off or on for your cars, lorry or tractors, using Fast Processing System (FPS).

Question 1: In order to speed up the customs inspection, use FPS. Please send your shipment details and vehicle inspection certificates.

When you arrive at the border, ensure you have all the relevant paper works for inspectors to check, for instance, a photo ID in addition to your passport and annual inspection vehicle certificate. Drivers should also turn all exterior cab lights on and open all luggage areas for easy inspection.

Question 2,3,4:

Just arriving at the customs:

    • Check that documents such as photo ID and annual Inspection certificate/ passport are all available.

    • Ensure the cab lights are on outside the vehicle and let luggage areas be easily seen.


Text: If you are not a European citizen, showing off your visa is a must and completion of Form 08 is required. Form 08 is available only in the immigration region inside the customs building. After handling Form 08 and Eur3 charge, you will receive a verbal clearance.

Question 5,6:

Final Stage of the customs checks: Non-European is obligatory to show a visa and go to immigration area to complete Form 08 (there is a small charge and then you will be told customs clearance.